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At Home Delivery America, we regard each customer's delivery as special. There are some facets to deliveries that are common across a wide range of customers. Below are some of the most common customer delivery questions. If you have more specific questions about your upcoming delivery, please contact the store of your purchase for further information.

If I need to change any of my delivery information (date, address, etc), who do I need to contact?

  • Your merchandise receipt has a phone number to call, and you can always contact the store where you made your purchase. Be aware that the earlier you notify the store of any delivery changes, the less chance for any issues on the delivery date.

Will I be called ahead of time on the day of delivery?

  • Call ahead times very depending upon the type of product purchases and usually range between 15 to 45 minutes before arrival.

Do I need to notify my building's doorman of the delivery?

  • Please check with your building manager for any special delivery requirements prior to placing your order. If you have already placed your order, please refer to your merchandise receipt for a phone number to call or contact the store of your purchase.

What do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of my new merchandise?

  • Clear all paths, walkways, and hallways leading to and from the location of the new item (this includes snow and ice on the steps). The home should be accessible by 26 foot truck. If your delivery includes haul away of old merchandise, be sure to remove anything left in the old items to be hauled away (you can do this once you receive the call from the delivery team that they are on the way).

How will I identify my delivery team?

  • Each person on your delivery team will have an ID badge and be in a uniform with the Home Delivery America logo.

Will I receive a confirmation call before my delivery date?

  • You will be called by either a customer service representative or an automated calling system at least one business day prior to your delivery date. Please make sure to give the salesperson the best number to contact you. This important call will give you the time frame for your delivery.

What do I do if the delivered merchandise is the wrong color or model?

  • Notify your delivery team of any issues with your new item(s) as soon as possible. They will call the issue into the delivery office or instruct you to contact your store as appropriate.

What do I do if the delivered merchandise is damaged or defective?

  • While we make every effort to avoid damaged or defective items, sometimes they do occur. Notify your delivery team of these issues as soon as possible. They will call into the delivery office or instruct you to contact your store as appropriate. If the delivery team has already left, check your delivery paperwork for the correct number to call.

What information do I need before making my purchase?

  • Dimensions are one of the most important pieces of data to know before purchasing your new item. Measure both the area that the new item will be placed in as well as the size of all doorways in the delivery path. Compare these measurements with those of your desired item to make sure it will fit in the designated area. Other important facts to consider are if your building requires a certificate of insurance or are there any building access restrictions. For appliances and electronics, check with your salesperson for any specific installation requirements.

Does gas or electric make a difference for my appliance?

  • YES! Please know the power source - electric or gas - before purchasing your new unit. This will insure you are ordering the correct model.

What security measures are implemented for delivery personnel?

  • The prequalification process includes identity verification, criminal background search, drug and alcohol testing, as well as meeting Department of Transportation (DOT) criteria. Each member of the delivery team is also ID verified daily before leaving the warehouse.


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