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Four Foundations – Each of these foundations build upon one another to form the basis for our company’s ideals and standards of operation.

  1. Excellence – We will focus upon achieving and maintaining excellence in all areas of our operations.
  2. Value – We will increase our performance and reduce overall costs by continued process improvement and our commitment to excellence. This will maximize the value of our operations for our client partnerships and for our employee owners.
  3. Service – We will offer “white glove” service levels combined with experienced “hands on” management teams throughout our operations. Through a continual emphasis upon exceptional service, we will increase the value of our client relationships and obtain overall operational excellence.
  4. Innovation – We will look for new and better ways of accomplishing our goals in addition to leveraging current and new technology applications for process and quality improvements. With new ideas and new uses for technology, we will benefit our service levels, increase value, and promote excellence.

Keys to SuccessWe have the keys to your delivery success.


Message from the Chairman:

      It is with great pleasure that I share with you my thoughts on our industry, our economy and most importantly how we can achieve a higher level of service for you and your customers. 

      Within the past year we have seen some great economic challenges that forced us to look at our business model and analyze how we can help our customers help their customers.  It demanded innovative thought and creativity. Falling back on our corporate standard of continually improving the levels of customer service, lead us to a constant flow of ideas and thought.  This corporate ‘DNA’ has proven to help Home Delivery America and our client’s not just get by in times of economic uncertainty but come out stronger than before.

      During our strategic planning came some fantastic brainstorming, realizing we needed to increase productivity without increasing costs.   We found a solution that both manufacturers and retailers could potentially become victorious; we introduced a “Direct from Factory to Home” component as a viable logistic solution, adding to our already extensive list.  This gives the retailer the ability to increase his cash flow by only committing to one floor sample and having a zero based inventory.  A manufacturer would negate the struggles of receiving return, unsold merchandise while still reaching the same sales goals.  When you start with the end in mind you eliminate the financial turmoil of having to reimburse, recalculate or reinvest. This approach has given subsistence to some organizations that were slowly fading in today’s economy.

      We truly believe in a culture that defines teamwork, and we believe in partnering with our clients by working together and creating an environment that encourages change. We are committed to being the best logistics company and we will continue to make concerted efforts to earn your trust and your business.  


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