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From 1965 - 1965 – Founded by owner, chairman and CEO Richard S. Merians.  Operating as a small home delivery company with 2 trucks in the New York region, with a major focus on furniture and bedding.

1980 – Awarded the rights to operate nationwide and grew to include more big ticket items, such as appliances, electronics & exercise equipment.

1984 - Began first operations outside the NYC/NJ market in Georgia.

1987 – Designed and built an automated delivery warehouse management system, allowing different technologies to be integrated such as routing and automated confirmation calls for a complete set of delivery services.

1988 - Awarded May Company contract in California

1990 - Moved into larger facility in South Kearny, NJ for Federated Department Stores.

1992 – Processed our 1 MILLION piece of furniture.

1995 - Awarded Sears account which continues to present day.

To Now

2000 - Awarded GE Appliances account which continues to present day.

2005– Designed state-of-the art software based application suite including customizable routing, GPS tracking, automated confirmation call system, and internet accessible applications for a higher level of delivery efficiency and customer service.


2006 - Awarded Bob's Discount Furniture account which continues to present day.

2007 - Performed our 500,000 appliance delivery.

2008 – Transitioned from a privately owned sole proprietorship to an employee owned company through an ESOP transaction.

2009 - Processed our 2 MILLION piece of furniture.

Current – The largest high velocity cross dock facility in the nation with over 100 bays opened December 1, 2009.

We proudly share some impressive statistics:
  • Administrating the  highest number of delivery trucks in the New York, New Jersey market.
  • Consistently ranked # 1 overall and #1 YTD in delivery performance within our current client base.
  • Operating the highest cross dock productivity in thousands of pieces per day in a single location.
  • Consistently outperforming bonus metrics set by our clients.

Industry Affiliations:

International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council


National Truckers Association

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We also proudly participate in various recycling programs recycling up to 50,000 pounds of material weekly.







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