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Michael Ridlen
100% Inventory!
2009.11.12 23:58:39

We just finished the yearly physical inventory for a major client, and we are pleased to report that we achieved 100% inventory accuracy.  This means zero shrink and zero surpluses.  We are very proud of this result and achieved it through a combination of systems management, rigor during product picking and return, and a constant attention to the various details in working with the inventory.  We have a common belief that we must follow best practices 100% every time because it is that one time in a hundred that you deviate from a procedure that will come back to haunt you.

Thanks again to everyone involved with obtaining this tremendous result, and let's continue it into the next year.  If you are having issues with your current inventory, contact us or call 1-800-449-4723 ext. 3009 to see how we can help with your warehousing and delivery solutions.

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